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Discover Castro Street in Downtown Mountain View

Home to some of the best restaurants, bars, eateries, and cafes in and around Silicon Valley, Castro Street in downtown Mountain View is a hub of Northern California flavor. Along this street, guests can find every type of worldly cuisine, from Chinese to several Italian hotspots, to Japanese, Indian, Greek, Mongolian, and Korean. Whether you're craving an authentic burger or craft brew from a local beer garden, or looking for something more global, you're sure to find it along this vibrant street. Guests looking to explore Castro Street are just moments away at our centrally located hotel.




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  • What are the best places to eat on Castro Street?

    Some of the best dining spots on Castro Street in Mountain View include local favorites like Vaso Azzurro, La Stanza Cucina, La Fontaine, Cascal, Cucina Venti, Doppio Zero, Scratch, and Le Petit Bistro.
  • Where can I park in downtown Mountain View?

    There are 11 public parking facilities in downtown with 1,500 off-street parking spaces. These off-street parking spaces have timed parking from Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (excluding holidays).

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